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Vic DOT Traffic Emissions Monitoring

We are monitoring the impact of traffic to plan for a greener future

Last Update2021-06-16

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Smarter Roads

The portable Impact Station™ "smart pole" is being used as part of the Victorian government's Smarter Roads initiative. Its purpose is to monitor traffic and air quality at multiple points around the road network.

Components Made in Australia

Key technology components of the Impact Station™ are designed and built in Australia.

The distinctive base is created by Australian owned company Moma Solar who recently was awarded the patent to this innovative technology. Made in Australia using recyclable materials, this base becomes the overall skeleton and muscle that allows it to "popup" at various locations without needing to disturb the ground through digging trenches or drilling into the surface it's located, making it easy to relocate again and again as needed.
The electrical and data system was created in Melbourne by GEOCOUNTS Victoria. This gives this "smart pole" system an Internet of Things nerve centre and brain, allowing it to communicate information back to the Department of Transport.

Testing air quality sensors at VicRoads in Kew