File Naming Convention

File names must have the following format:

Component Format Description
STATIONID ASCII text, no spaces and no underscore. You may use a hyphen. The station identifier. The format leaves the meaning of the station ID open to users of the data.
STARTDATETIME yyyyMMddHHmm where 'HH' is a value between 00 and 23 The start of the period of counting covered by this file.
FILEID Integer: zero or more. If not used, put 0 Used to distinguish between several files produced at the same station for the same time period but all having different direction/lanes codes.
EXT 'txt' or 'zip'
  • 'txt' identifies the file as plain ASCII text. Each line ends with the Windows line ending: carriage return and line feed ("\r\n").
  • 'zip' identifies the file as compressed. The zip file must contain a single file with 'txt' extension

Typical File Name

This shows a file from station 'T0261' containing data starting at midnight on July 11, 2016


Multiple Files for Same Station and Date

This shows two files from the same station '123-0432' starting at the same time. This is common when there are two machines counting different directions of a highway