Describing Crossings at Roadways

Here are some examples on how to encode crossings.

Pedestrians Crossing a North/South Road, with Walking Direction Combined

In this scenario, the crossing is transverse to the North/South flow of traffic. Therefore
  • set 'to_dir' to "combined East West" direction
  • set the 'to_surfacetype' to 4 (Road crossing)
SL channel,1,description,Ped Crossing Bidirectional (Walking East/West)
SC 1,37,-1,4

Pedestrians Crossing on a West Leg, with Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Separated

As the two rotational crossing directions are not part of the 8 (linear) compass directions, we must define a leg crossing with separate rotational counts as follows:
  • Set the 'to_dir' and 'from_dir' to the leg being crossed
  • Use the 'to_lane' to indicate the rotation. 1 is clockwise, 2 is counter-clockwise
SL channel,17,description,Clockwise Crossing West Leg (Walking North)
SL channel,18,description,Counter Clockwise Crossing West Leg (Walking South)
SC 17,7,1,4,7
SC 18,7,2,4,7

Pedestrians Crossing on a South Leg, with Walking Directions Combined

SL channel,9,description,Ped Crossing (Walking East/West)
SC 9,5,-1,4,5