About The Station

A counting station represents how and where a count was taken. A station could describe how a machine or a person has performed the count.

A station will have at least one channel. Each count tally record or observation is related to a channel.

For motorized traffic, a channel is typically a roadway lane. For non-motorized vehicles (bicycles and pedestrians), a channel can be a sidewalk, a crossing or similar.

There are three main header record types that help to define the station:
  • SC: The channel definition record is used to declare channel IDs, direction of travel, and what the counted objects are moving on. Each count tally or observation is related to a channel.
  • SL: The station label is used to provide additional descriptive information about the station, for use in charts and tables.
  • SE: The equipment label is used to provide additional information about the machine performing a count.
Several other "S" header records are available.

Visualizing a Station Record

Station Channels and Labels

SL station,0,description,Example Station Record
SL station,0,regionname,Some County
SL direction,1,pathname,North Rd
SL direction,3,pathname,East St
SL direction,7,pathname,West St
SC 1,3,1,-1,7,1,-1
SC 2,31,1,-1,7,2,-1
SC 3,7,2,-1,3,1,-1
SC 4,7,1,-1,3,1,-1
SC 5,73,1,-1,1,1,-1
SC 6,1,1,-1,73,1,-1
SC 7,17,1,-1,3,1,-1
SC 8,7,2,-1,3,1,-1
SC 9,3,1,-1,71,1,-1
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