M - Monitoring Event Record

The Monitoring event record captures information about things that affect or explain the count data. Its structure is

  • date — Event record date formatted as yyyy/MM/dd
  • time — Event record time formatted as HH:mm:ss.SSS
  • event_code — One of the codes in Monitoring Event Types, below.
  • event_data — Meaning is determined by the event_code, listed below.
Value Meaning More Information
comment Operator comment event_data is the comment.
pause Counting device unexpectedly paused recording event_data is a device stop code.
resume Counting device resumed recording after an unexpected pause No event_data.
closureday No data is recorded because the station is closed (Since 1.264) Parks, schools, and many other facilities may plan closures for holidays so that no data will be recorded. This event type is used to explain why a continuous counter observed no counts on this day. These days are often excluded from computing annual statistics. The time stamp for this event must be set to 00:00:00.000 event_data is a comment or code to describe the reason for the closure
weather Weather observation event_data is a weather event code.
traffic Unusual traffic-related event that affects traffic conditions event_data is a traffic event code.
signal Traffic signal event event_data should be one of the signal phase characters.
battery Battery voltage event_data is the counter's battery voltage
qcflag QC flags A flag or flags describing the quality of data. event_data should be a comma delimited list of flags. (Each flag identifier must not contain a comma)
dsc Daylight savings time change (Since 1.24) A change in local time for daylight savings. event_data should be the number of hours to change the clock: 1 or -1
userdefined User defined field The event code must start with "XX:"

An operator's comment

M;2016/03/31,00:00:00.000;comment;This is a comment;

Change for Daylight Savings (Northern Hemisphere "Spring Forward")

SL station,0,description,Example "Spring Forward" Daylight Savings Change
VV vclass,naxles,speed,wbase
SC 1,1