F* - Headers Describing The File

Header Key Description
FC File checksum
FD File date produced
FE File error message
FU File Units
FV File Versioning

File checksum

The software that created this file may implement file tampering security or content validation

FC algorithmid,checksumvalue
algorithmid [REQUIRED]

The algorithm used. Its up to the software that produced this file to understand this value

checksumvalue [REQUIRED]

The value of the checksum produced by the algorithm.


FC myco2545,940360363

File date produced

The date and time the file was generated

FD date,time
Format as 'yyyy/MM/dd'

The date the file was generated

Format as 'HH:mm:ss.SSS'

The time the file was generated


FD 2016/07/29,10:00:24.353

File error message

If the system that attempted to produce this file was unable to complete normally, an error message may be inserted here. The existence of this record implies the file is missing data.

FE errormessage
errormessage [REQUIRED]

The error message


FE Failed to produce a result due to missing information!

File Units

This describes the units used. It supports a combination of metric and U.S. customary units of measurement systems

FU speed_unit,length_unit,mass_unit
speed_unit [REQUIRED]

The units of speed

A Value for this parameter must be one of the following:
Value Meaning
kph Kilometers per hour
mps Meters per second
mph Miles per hour
length_unit [REQUIRED]

The units of length

A Value for this parameter must be one of the following:
Value Meaning
meter Meter. This can also be written as "metre"
foot Foot. This can also be written as "ft"
inch Inch
mass_unit [REQUIRED]

The units of mass

A Value for this parameter must be one of the following:
Value Meaning
kg Kilograms
lb US pounds


FU mph,meter,kg
FU metric
Shorthand to set units to 'kph,meter,kg'
FU uscustomary
Shorthand to set units to 'mph,foot,lb'

Default Behavior:

If this record is not present in the file, the following record is implied

FU metric


File Versioning

Describes what version of software was used to produce the data file

FV gcversion,producer,sourcefile1[,sourcefile2...]
gcversion [REQUIRED]

This should always be "1" while the file format is in version 1.

producer [optional]

Any short text identifying the system that produced the file. Data suppliers can use this to track versions of their software that created the data file.

sourcefile(x) [optional]

This may be used if conversion was done from another source file

This parameter may be repeated


FV 1,ReportMaker 4.3.25
FV 1,My system V2.3,sourcefile1.dat,sourcefile2.dat
Two source files were used by 'My system V2.3' to produce this output

File Tally Totals Namespace

Namespace for count records [RESERVED FOR FUTURE USE]